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Starprompt, LLP has been providing teleprompting services in Connecticut and nationwide since 1992.  At Starprompt, we have a passion for prompting.  We understand the systems and software we use,  the various camera technologies,  and how we fit into the production process.

Corporate Video:
Corporate video production is our specialty
Clients have trusted us  on projects with senior management and their teams for two decades.   
We have the experience, education and nature necessary to represent you properly in this category.

We can provide speaker support for any event, meeting or occasion.   From national sales meetings to gala fund raisers and political rallies, we have the experience and equipment to be relied on.

From HBO to NBC to ESPN, we have  worked  on many popular television shows and sporting events  with large crews, large crowds and multiple camera configs.  Our commercial  production experience is extensive and has taken us to locations around the world.  We are the trusted source for broadcast production teleprompter services.

Logistical Extremes:
12 On-Cam Prompters - Ipswitch, UK
10 On-Cam Prompters - Cary. NC
10 On-Cam Prompters - Dallas, TX
2 On-Cam Prompters - Kauai, HI

...Lobster boats,
Ski Mountain Tops,
Packed Stadiums,
Sewage Treament Plants,
Times Square,
Torrential Rain Storms,
Blistering Humid Heat,
Gloom of Night,

about us