Executive Podium Prompters  for Live Public Address. Any number or size of Monitors or projection systems available.  
NEW:  Presidential  stock 19" High Bright monitors!  
Big and bright.  

20 inch LCD "Hard Camera" Rig
Specialty rig for readability up to 50 feet!

15 inch LCD High Bright on camera Rig
Latest, largest and brightest LCD teleprompter.  
Our standard rig. 

14 inch LCD Rig
Lighter weight
Inputs:  NTSC, PAL, SECAM, VGA or SVGA inputs

11 inch LCD High Bright
on camera system - clear, bright outdoor visibility
Under 15 Pounds
Rugged, versatile unit great for Jibs and extreme locations

9 inch LCD
Flat Panel Display Technology
Under 10 pounds, 20 Foot Readability
Ideal Prompter for Stanton Jimmy Jibs & Steadicams

LCD monitors on 20 inch c-stands

Dell laptops with Telescript PRO software, loaded with latest version of MS Office.  
We always bring standalone option
 for on camera rigs.
We always bring back-up.
12 Volt power for all equipment for remote locations